Daniel - God is sovereign

The book of Daniel takes us "behind the scenes" showing us that what we see with our eyes isn't the whole story.  Unseen, God is working His sovereign purposes, focusing on the coming of Jesus Christ and what He would achieve.
But Daniel is also a challenge to faith - to trust the unseen God and put Him first in all we do, believing He knows best and is always there for us, however perplexing or hard our circumstances are.

This is an "occasional" series fitting around our main preaching series.

Audios for the series are below.  You can also watch the messages via YouTube - click on the icon below (look for the Thumbnail icon for the relevant videos)

The book of Daniel has been dismissed by many as "fiction", with claims that it was written some 400 years after the events it describes.  But archaeological evidence has confirmed many details such as the existence of King Belshazzar and why he offers Daniel a reward to be only the third highest in rank in all Babylon. The writer of Daniel knew the detail that subsequent historians didn't, so it must have been written near the events recorded.  We can have complete confidence that Daniel is an accurate historical record.  But more than that, we should have confidence in its message, which is as relevant today as it was for Daniel and his friends in exile in Babylon.

Daniel chapter 1 - Who will you serve?

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Daniel chapter 2 - Beyond your wildest dreams

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